Alto Wine Club

Alto: From the Latin – Altus meaning High; to raise high; to elevate.

The aim of our Alto Wine Club is to make this a personal and enjoyable experience for you, and to offer you something special that provides you with value on many levels. Being a Wine Club member gives you the convenience of having an exclusive selection of our wines delivered direct to your door, at a price that is substantially less than their retail value, along with tasting notes and suggested cellaring potential for each of the wines included in your collection.

For those of you who enjoy our wines, this is absolutely the best way to buy them. We don’t sell to the bottleshops or liquor stores, apart from a couple of smaller independent stores in Perth, and we don’t need or wish to discount our wines.

Wine is a very personal experience, and for me it doesn’t really get any more personal! Making high quality wines for people to enjoy is my life’s work, and I enjoy hearing about and seeing people enjoying our wines. One of the best ways for me to be in direct contact with the people who enjoy our wines is to start up a wine club, and I encourage you to please give me a call if you have any questions at all about our Alto Wine Club, our wines, or about wine in general.

To provide you as an Alto Wine Club member with the very best selection of wines in each Alto collection, we have decided to limit our Club to 250 members. When we reach this number, membership will only be available when someone else drops out. This way we can be sure of keeping museum stocks and small reserve parcels exclusively for our members.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Club!

Cathy Howard

How to Join the Exclusive Alto Club

We’ve tried to make joining our wine club as easy as possible. Simply send us your details and we’ll call you to get it organised!

Option 1 – You call us
The fastest way to join! Give us a call on 08 9753 1394 and we’ll sign you up on the spot. Then it’s a matter of days before you are enjoying your Whicher Ridge Wines from our latest Alto Collection.

Option 2 – We call you
Simply fill in the form on the right hand side and we’ll give you a call to get the rest of your details and answer any questions you may have.

Join the Alto Club


And remember, there really is no pressure. You can opt out of the club at any time…

How the Alto Wine Club Works and all the benefits

Twice a year, we will send you a mixed dozen of our wines. I’ll make the selection, tell you the best way to drink, store and share these wines, and ensure you have a range of interesting notes and matching recipes.

Following is all the information on our Wine Club. If you want to discuss anything about the Club, please call me on 08 9753 1394

  • Membership is free.
  • Two times a year we will send you a mixed dozen of our wines.
  • Delivery will be in May and in November.
  • The case price is capped at $355 (capped at this price for 2 years).
  • I’ll make the selection and will email the details of the Alto Collection to you in advance. If you want to make changes to your order you can do so with wines of a similar value.
  • Each year you will receive a selection of new releases, museum wines and reserve wines.

The Current Alto Collection

The Alto Wine Club dozen is put together with the idea of providing you with a broad range of our wines. Of course you can always call us and let us know which particular wines you want in your dozen and we’ll send you that.
The latest mixed dozen to our members includes a number of exclusive museum and pre- release wines.

The 2018 Winter Celebration Alto Collection comprises:

  • 2013 Whicher Ridge Sauvignon Blanc x 1 bottle (Museum Release)
  • 2017 The Jetty by Whicher Ridge Sauvignon Blanc Semillon x 1 bottle
  • 2016 Whicher Ridge Elevage Sauvignon Blanc x 1 bottle
  • 2015 Whicher Ridge Margaret River Chardonnay x 1 bottle
  • 2016 Whicher Ridge Whitetail Sparkling Chardonnay x 2 bottles (New-release)
  • 2016 The Jetty by WHicher Ridge Shiraz x 1 bottle
  • 2014 Whicher Ridge Long Road Frankland River Shiraz x 2 bottle
  • 2014 Whicher Ridge Elevation Cabernet x 2 bottle (Special Pre-Release)
  • 2010 Whicher Ridge Frankland River Shiraz x 1 bottle

Other benefits include

The exclusive opportunity to purchase Whicher Ridge Wines prior to release.

15% off Whicher Ridge events at the winery.

First opportunity to purchase tickets to Whicher Ridge functions in Perth and interstate.

15% off all Whicher Ridge Wines purchased at cellar door, online or by mail order, along with free shipping.

Tasting and cellaring notes for each wine.

Vineyard to Table, our quarterly e-newsletter including seasonal updates and news.

Invitations to various tasting events to be held at the Winery and in the Wine Sensory Garden, commencing in October 2018.