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Take the road less travelled and discover a hidden gem crafting small batch, single vineyard wines

Our winery is small, owned and operated by a dynamic team of two, Neil and Cathy Howard. We are a vigneron and winemaker couple with a combined 45 years of experience between us. We take a ‘hands-on’ approach to the growing of our grapes and the making of our wines, and we have a ‘tread lightly on the earth’ philosophy with our sustainable farming practices.

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Handcrafted, artisan wines

Our wines are small batch, single vineyard wines made from vines growing in the ancient soils of three of Australia’s most isolated wine regions, Margaret River, Geographe and the Great Southern.

Each of our wines  are full of varietal and terroir specific flavours, made in styles which celebrate their provenance and which also pair well with food. Our wines have texture, flavour intensity, length and balance.

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Could our Handpicked Wine Club work for you ?

Our Wine Club offers you the flexibility of choosing your own wines, and you will have exclusive access to our museum wines and micro volume project wines.

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Chapman Hill - WA

33.7955° S, 115.3286° E

16ºC Clear

Visit our wine sensory garden

Our Wine Sensory Garden is a truly unique wine experience being the only one of it’s kind in Australia. The Garden is designed in a figure eight, infinity shape with sections themed for seven different wine varieties. For each wine there is a ‘Descriptor Bed’ planted with fruit trees, flowers and herbs which describe the aromas and flavours in that wine. The adjacent ‘Affinity Bed’ has plantings of fruit trees, seasonal vegetables and herbs which have an affinity for, or pair with, that particular wine.

You are welcome to wander around our Garden and immerse yourself in the sights, smells and flavours of the plants at your own pace, or you can book in for a ‘Pick and Sip’ Tour.

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Temporary Closure of our Cellar Door and Wine Sensory Garden Due to COVID-19 Effective from Thursday 19 March

The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic is changing rapidly, and every day there is new information. We don’t know how bad it might become or how long it will be around. What we do know is that it is, and has been, very bad in some places around the world. We have been monitoring the situation […]

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Mid Summer Heralds the Start of Vintage

Christmas and New Year holiday memories quickly fade as the grapes start to ripen. About now, every year, I start sampling our grapes, starting with the whites, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. I arm myself with a bucket and a pair of snips and collect bunches of grapes from vines growing in each vineyard block. […]

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Spring in the Vineyard

Growing grapes each year to make wine is a long slow process, and one in which the weather has a huge influence, and more so now with climate change. At various steps during the annual growth cycle of a grapevine, there are milestones reached at different times during the year and Neil uses these to […]

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Terroir – A Sense of Place

Terroir is a French term, which can literally be translated as “a sense of place.” The word itself is from terre, the French word for “earth”. The French term of terroir takes into account all of the environmental conditions which influence the growth of the vine and therefore, the composition of the grape itself. The […]

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