Our Garden Inspires a New Label

This week will see the launch of our new label ‘Odyssey Garden’. The wines that will be released later this week include a Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Odyssey Garden label replaces our Jetty Wine label. This range of wines is our second tier, which are blended wines, made in a style which makes the grape variety the real hero of the wine. These are wines which highlight the flavours and strengths of the main grape variety and are further enhanced by blending in other grape varieties.  The Sauvignon Blanc has up to 14% of Semillon blended in, the Shiraz has a small amount of Malbec and Viognier blended in, and the Cabernet Sauvignon has a small amount of Shiraz and Malbec blended in.

Why the change? This label is part of a bigger journey and change in direction for our wine business which we started out on 18 months ago. It is part of the reshaping of our wine business for the next 5 to 10 years, and we will be sharing more new and exciting developments with you over the next year, bringing you along on our journey with us. At the core of all of these changes, and something which doesn’t change is our brand story.

Our brand story is what which sets us apart from other wine producers, it’s what makes us unique and it is at the centre of everything that we do:

“We are a dynamic duo of a vigneron and winemaker with a combined 50 plus years of experience between us. We take a very ‘a hands-on’ approach to growing our grapes and making our wines, and a ‘tread lightly on the earth’ philosophy with our sustainable farming practices. We specialise in making small batch single vineyard wines, made from vines growing in the ancient soils of three of Australia’s most isolated wine regions, Margaret River, Geographe and the Great Southern. Our wines are full of varietal and terroir specific flavours and are made in styles which celebrate their provenance and which pair well with food. They are wines with texture, flavour intensity, length and balance”

The Odyssey Garden label design encompasses all of our Whicher Ridge brand story elements – it highlights our unique points of difference, our sustainable, terroir focus which wines with provenance, and our winemaking style direction for consistently making wines with flavours and textures which pair well with food.

The label was designed by Harcus Design. The overlapping circular drawings on each varietal wine label is inspired by the figure 8 layout and the plantings in our Wine Sensory Garden. Each wine has a different coloured, hand drawn illustration which includes examples of herbs, flowers, and fruits that are specific to the main grape variety in the blend. If you look closely at each of the coloured drawings, you will be able to pick out the following:

  • For Sauvignon Blanc, there is elderflower, lemongrass, lemon, lemon balm, lemon thyme, white peach, pear, nashi pear, passionfruit, gooseberry, rosemary, English lavender, caperberries, chives, fennel, dill, honeydew melon, coriander, lemon verbena.


  • For Shiraz: juniper berries, parsley, rocket, pepperberry, thai basil, cinnamon basil, raspberry, blueberry, loganberry, mulberry, thyme, pomegranate, plum, blackberry, liquorice plant, fennel, chervil, radish, rosemary, Jerusalem artichoke, basil, green olive, pepper


  • For Cabernet Sauvignon: blueberry, blackberry, black olive, rosemary, blood plum, bay, winter savoury, rosemary, French tarragon, green beans, violets, chocolate mint, common mint, oregano, chervil,



Creating a new label design is an exciting experience, but it is definitely not an easy or quick process! Two critical elements of  a label design project is providing a detailed design brief to the designer, and ensuring that all tiers or ranges under your brand, are easily identified as being connected with each other by common design threads. In our case it is our WHICHER RIDGE name logo on each label which connects each tier and means that the 3 tiers now sit harmoniously side by side on a shelf and in our website on-line store. Check out our revamped Wine Store and I would love to hear what you think of our new Odyssey Garden range.