The Rise of Virtual Wine Tastings

It seems like a lifetime ago that in March 2020, our lives as we knew it, suddenly changed with Covid. For us, our cellar door had to close, as did our wholesale customer’s restaurants and small bars. Our world contracted and so did our wine sales. So, rather than rolling over and giving up, we thought outside the box, and decided to give wine tasting packs a go. If visitors couldn’t come to our Cellar Door, we could arrive to their front door instead, well our wines could!

At home wine tasting kits

We came up with a small cardboard box, which could hold 5, 100mL glass bottles, and staying true to our sustainable philosophies, used shredded paper for packing around the bottles inside the box for shipping. This has become our Cellar Door Tasting Pack. Customers can ‘custom make’ their own pack, choosing from a selection of our Single Vineyard Wines (Elevage Sauvignon Blanc, Henry Road Chardonnay, Mademoiselle V Viognier, Tapalinga Shiraz, Long Road Shiraz, Elevation Cabernet Sauvignon, Une Rangee Petit Verdot).

Buy your at home wine tasting kit here.

Virtual wine tastings

Since then, we have developed our wine tasting further by adding on an interactive wine tasting experience, with a virtual wine tasting with myself, the winemaker. These tastings go for around 1 hour, and we slowly taste our way though each wine, discussing how it is made, the flavours, and the structure, with plenty of time to ask questions.

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These tasting packs and virtual wine tastings have proved to be incredibly popular! A few weeks ago, we had our first themed wine tasting with our new release wines, the Odyssey Garden range, plus the new vintage Elevage Sauvignon Blanc and Tapalinga (Margaret River) Shiraz. Our second themed virtual tasting is next week, focusing on a variety that is very dear to me, Shiraz. Our third virtual wine tasting, I was thinking maybe of do a collaboration with another small business here in the SW, I have an idea but want to keep it a secret for a little while longer.

This week has been HUGE for wine tasting pack orders! Many kits are heading to NSW and Victoria, some to SA and the ACT. Who knows where this will take it, but we are enjoying the interest in our wines, and I am thoroughly enjoying zoom tasting and meeting and tasting wines with so many different people around Australia. We are not that isolated after all it seems!

You can order a standard Cellar Door Wine Tasting Pack from our Wine Store. I have just created a bookable Virtual Wine Tasting Experience where you can select your Zoom tasting day and time yourself, and BOOK ONLINE

Once you book, I contact you back to arrange which 5 wines you would like to have in your tasting. very similar really to you visiting us in person at Cellar Door!