2016 Elevage Sauvignon Blanc

2016 Elevage Sauvignon Blanc

The inspiration for our Sauvignon Blanc style came from a trip to Austria to attend a Sauvignon Blanc Conference in 2008. We have adapted the Austrian winemaking techniques to produce a wine with complexity, texture, length and softness on the palate.

The grapes are harvested when the sugar level is around 12 baume, and when the grape flavours are in the riper spectrum of white peach, pear and lemon, but still retain some gooseberry, guava and lemongrass flavours.

Our winemaking philosophy is to handle our white juices gently, with minimal additions and no fining. The juice is fermented in two portions, with 30% being fermented in new and one year old larger French oak barrels, and the balance fermenting in a stainless steel tank. After fermentation, the wine remains in the barrels and tank in contact with the yeast lees for 12 months to produce a textured, more complex wine with a creamier mouthfeel and a long lingering finish.

To assist this flavour development process, the yeast lees are mixed up into the wine every fortnight for the first 3 months, then monthly for the next 6 months. The barrel and tank portions are blended, then filtered in February prior to bottling.

Pale straw in colour with a fresh green hue. Aromas of white pear, guava, lemongrass and sweet lemon, mixed with subtle nutty, toasty flavours coming from the barrel fermentation and maturation on yeast lees. The palate is smooth and balanced, with lingering bright fruit flavours of pear and white nectarine.

$26.00 every 6 months

$19.50 / Bottle Members

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