Handpicked Wine Club

Handpicked Wine Club

Handpicked wines by us for you – Delivered to your door

To join our Handpicked Wine Club crew, all we ask of you is to commit to purchasing a minimum of 24 bottles of wine in a 12 month period from our on-line Handpicked Wine List.

Your Handpicked membership commences when you place your first Handpicked order on-line. We will send you a reminder email 5 months after receiving your first case that your second Handpicked case is coming up so that you have time to have a browse through the on-line Handpicked Wine List and maybe  choose a few new wines to have in your second order.

You will then receive a phone call from one of us 2 weeks out from the scheduled delivery of your second case to confirm that you have handpicked your next wine selection and you’re ready to jump on-line and place your order. We’ll be ready to pack your wines up and send them off to you pronto!

Being a Handpicked Club member will give you the flexibility of choosing your own wines. They might be your regular favourites, some aged wines, or a new variety or style that you haven’t tried before.

You will enjoy buying wine at 15% off the retail price in the on-line Wine Store and when you purchase wine at our Cellar Door.

Our Handpicked Wine List will be changing every 2 months, with some wines dropping out and new wines coming onto the list so there will be plenty of opportunities to try new wines.

If you have any questions about joining, please give Cathy a call on 0448 531 399.

We look forward to having you join us!

From: $18.00

$30.00 every 6 months
$34.00 every 6 months
$29.00 every 6 months
$24.00 every 6 months
$26.00 every 6 months
$18.00 every 6 months
$39.00 every 6 months
$30.00 every 6 months
$30.00 every 6 months
$37.00 every 6 months
$37.00 every 6 months
$33.00 every 6 months
Add a total of 12 bottles to complete your pack

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