We offer a range of winery experiences from the traditional wine tasting in our cellar door, to several different experiences centred around our wine sensory garden.


If you would like to delve a little deeper into the amazing world of wine, then we would highly recommend booking into one of our Pick + Sip winery experiences.


This is our cellar door winery experience, a wine tasting guided by Cathy the winemaker.

Perch up at the bar, relax in a sofa, or share a table for a guided tasting of 5 wines of your choice from our Odyssey Garden and Single Vineyard wine ranges.

It’s the perfect way to discover our passion and the story behind how we grow our grapes and make our wine. This tasting gives you some secret insights into our small batch winemaking.

Stay a little longer and add on a gourmet platter made by local cafe Hippo Lakes when you book your tasting.

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Our Wine Sensory Garden is a totally unique winery experience, being the only one of it’s kind in Australia.

The Garden is the centre piece of our winery experiences, with it’s plantings of fruit trees, herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables which describe and match the flavours, textures and styles of our wines.

Our Wine Sensory Garden was designed and planted in 2014, by Cathy and Neil. It is designed in an infinity (figure 8) pattern, with sections devoted to 7 different grape varieties. The Garden is enclosed by tall hedges and covers an area of just over 1000 square metres.

You can take yourself on a self-guided tour of the Garden, however, to gain the most out of your visit, we do recommend booking into one of the garden or winery experiences with Cathy.

Our  Pick and Sip Experiences have received national awards and acclaim as being a totally unique, educational, and immersive winery experience. The Garden plantings have been chosen to immerse all of your five senses in the combined wine education, and food and wine pairing experience.

Specifically for the gardeners, the Sip + Stroll tour in the Wine Sensory Garden you will learn how the idea for the garden came about, and how it has translated into becoming the centrepiece for our award winning tasting experience, by spending 30 minutes wandering around, on a guided tour with Cathy.

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Our winery experiences extend to include your doggy friends!

Dogs are a large part of our winery and vineyard life. Our dogs over the years have included kelpies, a border collie, and a beagle.

Polly the Wine Dog, is our black kelpie who loves visitors! She is a valuable and hardworking team member, and she is our customer happiness manager.

When you arrive at Whicher Ridge and park your car, you will receive a very warm welcome to our place from Polly, and she will guide you over to Cellar Door, a self taught skill which she loves doing!

Bringing your dog along to visit us is welcomed, by all 3 of us. Our only requirement is that you keep your furry best buddy on a leash.


As the seasons change during the year, so do some of our winery experiences!

In Winter when the rain and wind can be a challenge, we offer two, Sip + Stroll Garden Tours a day. Wander through the wine sensory garden with Cathy, learn how the idea for the garden came about, and how it has evolved into becoming the centrepiece for our award winning tasting experience.

In late Spring right through until late Summer, is when our Sip + Savour Soirée is happening! Booking in for a Soirée is a superb way to wind down after a day busy of sightseeing, work, or simply an excuse to catch up with friends sharing a gourmet platter.

Watch this space for 3 new winery experiences which are still in the early planning stages. The first one will be a tasting of the Odyssey Garden wines in October 2022, the second one will be a new wine release tasting in December 2022 or January 2023, and the third one will be an end of vintage tasting in the winery in April 2023.

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