Tasting Notes

The sauvignon blanc for this wine is from our Whicher Ridge vineyard in Chapman Hill. As the track record of our Whicher Ridge Sauvignon Blanc shows, this part of the Geographe Wine Region produces sauvignon blanc with flavours and textures well suited to this wine style. The gravelly loam soils and rocky ironstone terrain delivers distinctively varietal sauvignon blanc.

The way we handle our sauvignon Blanc is both similar and different in many ways to our Whicher Ridge wine. The wine is fermented in tank, with French oak boards. We then mature this wine in tank with for 4 months with these oak boards. To assist with the flavour and textural development process, the yeast lees are stirred weekly then fortnightly. The aim with the mixing is to lift the lees of the bottom and mix it back into the body of the wine again.

Our 2017 Jetty Sauvignon Blanc Semillon has lifted and fresh fruity aromas and flavours of white pear, sweet lemon, and hints of gooseberry, mixed with a touch of creamy sweet lemon, a mild chalky, mineral character which is typical of our vineyard, and hints of nutty, toasty flavours from fermentation with oak boards and maturation on yeast lees. The palate is soft and generous, with refined fruit flavours, and balanced by a fine tannin structure and crisp refreshing acidity


Food Matching

Vegetables, fruit & herbs which match well:

Lavender, rosemary, dill, radishes, horseradish, coriander, spinach, parsley, lemongrass, chard/silverbeet, dill, green olives, lemon, asparagus, capsicum, caper berry, sage, lemon thyme, elderflower, pear.

Food Suggestions:

Chicken with creamy lemon sauce, spring onions and rosemary; scallops with lemon, black pepper and garlic; salt and pepper squid; lamb with tuscan spices; seafood chowder; ratatoullie; croquettes; roast pork shoulder with olives and anchovies

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